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The fall and rise of Solex

Solex Intemporel Infinity

🎬 Once upon a time…

The brand SOLEX ( aka VéloSoleX ) was created in 1910. Initially, it was a trademark for “spare parts and accessories for cars and motorcycles.”

  • In 1916, the first patent application was filed for a bicycle with an auxiliary motor, then a second in 1918 for a two-wheeled motor. Due to the violent circumstances of the period, it was not until 1940 that a prototype of a motor-driven bicycle was born. Its commercialization began in 1946
  • The brand quickly gained popularity in France and expanded globally, with over 8 million units sold by the 1970s.
  • The Solex was considered an affordable and efficient means of transportation, particularly for urban areas with limited parking and traffic congestion.
  • The bike’s popularity was fueled by its ease of use, low maintenance, and low fuel consumption.

📉 Troubled Times

  • The Solex brand faced challenges in the 1980s due to increased competition from other low-cost transportation options, such as mopeds and scooters.
  • The company attempted to modernize the bike with newer models, but these did not gain the same popularity as the original Solex.
  • In 1988, for lack of interest, production stopped, restarting later in 1988 both in China and Hungary, but ceased in Hungary in 2002.
  • The brand declared bankruptcy in 2001, leading to the discontinuation of production and sales of Solex bikes.

🔁 Rising again

  • French production resumed in 2005 with the introduction of an electric Solex (e-Solex) designed by the famous Pininfarina house
  • Since 2013, the brand belongs to the Easybike e-bike company (now called Groupe Rebirth) who are today commercialising 4 popular ranges of eBikes to cater for all the needs of urban mobility


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