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The fall and rise of Moog

Logo history

🎬 Moog Music Inc. is an American company based in Asheville, North Carolina, which manufactures electronic musical instruments. It was founded in 1953 as R. A. Moog Co. by Robert Moog and his father and was renamed Moog Music in 1972.

Its early instruments included various Moog modular synthesizer systems, including the world’s first commercial synthesizer, followed by the launch of the Minimoog in 1970, which became one of the most coveted and influential electronic instruments of all time.

Minimoog Model D

📉 In 1971, following a recession, Robert Moog sold Moog Music to Norlin Musical Instruments, where he remained employed as a designer until 1977. In 1978, he founded a new company, Big Briar.

Moog Music declared bankruptcy in 1987

In the late 1990’s an epic TradeMark battle for the use of the MOOG Brand name had the benefit of documenting the timeline behind its ownership. You can find the full story here: Late Trade Mark Invalidity Decision (0/216/02)

🔁 The Moog Music trademark was returned to Robert Moog in 2002 when Big Briar resumed operations under the name Moog Music.

Moog Music also manages Moogfest, a pioneering electronic music and music technology festival in Durham, NC.

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