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The fall and rise of Moke

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Moke Logo History

🎬 The Moke is a small, light, utilitarian vehicle that was originally produced by the British Motor Corporation and later by Austin-Morris. It was initially popular as a beach buggy and for military use, but its production has been marked by several ups and downs.

The Moke was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, who also designed the iconic Mini. It was originally intended to be a simple, cheap, utilitarian vehicle for use in developing countries.

The Moke was introduced in 1964 and was initially produced in the UK and Australia.

It was popular as a beach buggy and was also used by the military in several countries.

Production of the Moke continued in the UK until 1968, and in Australia until 1981.

📉 Production of the Moke was briefly resumed in the UK in the 1980s, but it was not successful.

The Moke was also produced under license in several other countries, including Portugal, Italy, and the Caribbean, but these ventures also encountered difficulties.

The brand was sold several times and changed hands several times, leading to a lack of consistency in the design and quality of the vehicles.

As a result, the Moke had a somewhat checkered reputation and struggled to gain a foothold in the market.

The last BMC MOKE rolled off the production line in 1993. After this date imitations were manufactured in China and the USA. 

🔁 The brand was revived in 2017, with the success of various special editions leading to investment that, the firm says, has secured its long-term future. Moke America brought the Mini Moke back and made it electric!

In 2022 MOKE International also launched an Electric MOKE. Designed and manufactured exclusively in the UK, MOKE is for a Worldwide audience, who have time to take it slow and enjoy life’s journey.

MOKE International recently clarified its claim to the MOKE trademark, which has led to a lawsuit against Moke America. Below is an excerpt from their legal proceedings:

“MOKE International (MIL) owns the original 1964 European ‘MOKE’ Trademark and circa 100 others worldwide including the US mark following its sale by ACG Inc in 2016. In 2020, The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) dismissed the opposition of ‘Moke America’ to MOKE International and its then JV partners, MOKE USA, re-registering that trademark. Though ‘Moke America’ have appealed, we allege in our most recent lawsuit that they copied our designs and that their cars do not comply with U.S. automotive legislation. The court case will be heard in January 2023”


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