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The fall and rise of Borgward

Borgward BX7
Borgward Logo History

🎬 The former Borgward car manufacturing company, based in Bremen, Germany, was founded by Carl F. W. Borgward (1890–1963). It produced cars of four brands, which were sold to a diversified international customer base: Borgward, Hansa, Goliath and Lloyd. Borgward’s Isabella was one of the most popular German premium models in the 1950s, while Lloyd’s Alexander / Lloyd 600 model offered affordable mobility to many working-class motorists. 

Lloyd Alexander Standard – By Lothar Spurzem – Transferred from de.wikipedia to Commons by Common Good using CommonsHelper., CC BY-SA 2.0 de,

📉 The group ceased operations in 1961, following controversial insolvency proceedings.

🔁 The brand was revived in the 21st century, with the Stuttgart-based Borgward Group AG designing and marketing cars manufactured in China.

In 2005 Christian Borgward (grandson of Carl F. W. Borgward) as president and Karlheinz L. Knöss as CEO and vice president of the supervisory board started the revival of Borgward. They started the development of the new Borgward automobiles.

On May 21, 2008, Borgward and Knöss founded Borgward Group AG in Lucerne (Switzerland), later relocating to Stuttgart (Germany).  Design and engineering is located in Germany, but the cars are produced in China by Foton Motor. Borgward started its business with a fleet of conventional SUVs with sales reaching approx. 75,000 units by January 2018 and has branches in China, Russia, India, Brazil and Mexico. However, the company aspires to become one of the leading electric-vehicle manufacturers in the next decade. Full electric models, BXi7 and GT SUV BX6 were officially launched on May 9, 2018, in Beijing, China, and at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 presented the Isabella concept, its vision of a full-electric 4-door coupé.

📉 In a dramatic turn of event, the brand was declared bankrupt in China early Dec 2022. This goes to show how difficult the life of a Phoenix Brand can be !


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