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The idea and the vision

Hi my name is Patrick, let me tell you a story…

While growing up in France in a family of entrepreneurs and inventors I witnessed the rise and fall of a family business, and a brand.

During post WWII era, in a village of the South West region of France my grandfather invented the formula for a very potent pet-care product (Talcum-based Powder to eliminate ticks), he also TradeMarked a brand (Oxi-tique) and setup operations for a successful business (manufacturing plant & distribution network), which allowed his family of 6 to thrive for decades.

Despite an attempt to keep the business going by selling it to a family friend, activity continued for a few years and then sadly ceased in the late 1980’s. The business and the brand have today simply vanished from the face of the earth (judging by the very few hits one can find doing a Google search)

This led me to wonder:

  • Should this business and brand be relaunched ?
  • Is nostalgia not tainting my judgment ?
  • Would it still be such a hit today ?
  • If so, where should I start ?

Conversely other businesses and brands have been successfully saved by individuals or groups of individuals motivated enough to protect such assets.

  • So, how did they do it ?
  • What context influenced the fate of those brands ?
  • What can we learn for it ?

This site documents a personal quest to find answers to all those questions, discover what motivated those passionate individuals to fight for the protection or the relaunch of said brands.

With the aim to praise those heroes and to provide a forum for troubled or defunct brands to be identified, remembered, assessed, protected and potentially relaunched with the blueprint that we will develop, together !

What I blog abouT ?

Epic Tales of Phoenix Brands