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“The second life of iconic brands”

“Phoenix Brands ?” the term has now been coined…

As a nostalgic visual thinker, I strongly believe in the power of brands and logos to bring more joy and grounding to the world.

Having worked with many brands and businesses for over twenty years, I got to witness some irrational display of love between consumers, founders and brands. 

Those -often subconscious- bonds have inspired individuals to move mountains to safeguard a brand that was struggling, or revive another which had collapsed or disappeared, aka “Phoenix Brands”  

Impressed by those heroic tales I felt they had to be honoured, praised and documented, meet the Tales of Phoenix Brands Blog featuring an ever growing list of iconic brands such as Moke, Motosacoche, Sequential, K-way, Miss Selfridge, Maplin, Trudon Candles

I was also keen to understand and model the playbook that could inspire other forgotten brands to be brought back to life, perhaps by your very own self ? The soon to be released “How to” section will contain inspirational ideas for brands to salvage, practical advice and contacts to help you with your journey.

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Blog: Tales of Phoenix Brands

Discover inspiring tales from iconic or memorable brands which either struggled, collapsed or simply disappeared, and how they managed to rise again from their ashes, like a phoenix !

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